Best Diet Schedule For Weight Loss

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Due to the excessive protein, fat and minerals consumption, the body retains harmful toxins. Vegetarian diet is the perfect solution to cleanse your body. Moreover, it helps to lose weight as well.

If you want the effective results with spectacular diet, daily drink at least two liters of water and follow your daily diet plan as according to the following schedule:-

Day 1

– Breakfast: 150 g whole grains and a glass of fruit juice.

– Snack: a cup of prunes.

– Lunch: 300 g green beans and stewed tomato salad.

– Snack: two apples.

– Dinner: a small bowl of salad.

Day 2

– Breakfast: a slice of bread with refreshments.

– Snack: red grapefruit.

– Lunch: 250 g sauteed peas and coleslaw.

– Snack: 2 pears.

– Dinner: two baked potatoes.

Day 3

– Breakfast: two slices of bread with potted plant.

– Snack: an orange and a cup of prunes.

– Lunch: 300 g cauliflower stewed and baked mushrooms 150g.

– Snack: two apples.

– Dinner: two tomatoes stuffed with eggplant salad.

Day 4

– Breakfast: two slices of bread with tea.

– Snack: a banana.

– Lunch: 150 g boiled rice and green salad with a teaspoon of sunflower oil and lemon juice.

– Snack: 150 g soy yogurt.

– Dinner: 300g spinach and tomato salad.

Day 5

– Breakfast: two slices of bread or toast with marmalade.

– Snack: two kiwis and a cup of prunes.

– Lunch: 200 g baked Zucchini.

– Snack: an apple.

– Dinner: 250 g carrot salad with raisins.

Day 6

– Breakfast: 150 g whole grains with a cup of soy yogurt.

– Snack: a cup of dried apricots.

– Lunch: 250 g of crushed peas and tomato salad.

– Snack: a bowl of puffed rice.

– Dinner: two baked potatoes with vegetable salad.

Day 7

– Breakfast: 150 g whole grains with a glass of fruit juice.

– Snack: your favorite fruits in moderation.

– Lunch: 40 g rice with vegetables.

– Snack: an orange.

– Dinner: 250 g mushrooms in the oven.

Tips for detoxification

In the morning brush your teeth, making sure to clean your tongue and cheeks well. After that, all on an empty stomach, drink a glass of plain water; and also squeeze a little lemon on it see this domain ( for more informative guideline for body fitness.

If you have problems with bowel movement, drink a cup of water with a teaspoon of honey. You should eat breakfast until after half an hour.

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